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Strong felony criminal defense could help in capital murder case

A Mississippi man is facing life in prison or the death penalty for his alleged role in the death of a Hattiesburg woman. The 32-year-old was officially charged on Wednesday, April 24 with capital murder. With a charge as serious as this, the accused would most likely benefit from having a strong felony criminal defense team on his side.

Felony criminal defense: Woman charged in stabbing incident

Police in Hattiesburg recently arrested a woman who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend. The potential charges against this individual are quite serious. She can help herself by turning to an experienced felony criminal defense attorney for guidance and representation in court.

A felony criminal defense does not end if you are convicted

Mississippi residents who have been charged and convicted on felony-level charges may feel that life as they know it is over. They may feel that their prison sentence is secured and there is nothing they can do about it. The truth is, a person's felony criminal defense does not end if one is convicted. What exactly does that mean?

Felony criminal defense: Facing cocaine-related drug charges?

In the state of Mississippi, cocaine is considered a schedule II controlled substance. That just means that is a highly addictive drug. State and federal law prohibit the use, manufacturing, trafficking and sale of this drug. Those caught with cocaine in their possession may face a number of serious consequences, particularly if they are charged at the felony level. A felony criminal defense can help such individuals ensure their rights are protected throughout the course of their court proceedings.

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