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Your ex's high-conflict personality will cause divorce issues

Even under the best of circumstances, divorce can be a difficult process to complete. Unfortunately for you, you anticipate your case to be even more trying because your soon-to-be ex-spouse has a high-conflict personality. In fact, this personality trait and his or her tendency to start a fight at every turn may have contributed to the ending of your marriage.

Of course, you likely hope that your case will go as smoothly as possible but still do not want to start your case feeling disillusioned. As a result, you likely want to prepare as best as possible for a difficult process from the beginning.

Tips for handling your case

You are not alone in having to handle a contentious divorce case, but even though others may have gone through similar experiences, yours is unique to you. Because you know your spouse and his or her behavior better than most people, you may feel particularly adept at handling contentious actions. Still, you may want to consider the following tips for staying on track during your high-conflict divorce:

  • Try not to take your spouse's actions personally. He or she may act even more aggressively during your divorce, but it is likely due to feeling out of control.
  • Keep contact with your soon-to-be ex as minimal as possible. Individuals with high-conflict personalities relish confrontation, so staying away from him or her may lessen the likelihood of you facing unnecessary fights.
  • Remain realistic about your situation. Certainly, you want your divorce to go quickly and smoothly, but remember that it will likely not be the case due to your spouse's confrontational nature.
  • Play an active role in your divorce. At times, you may want to sit back because you feel overwhelmed by the constant conflict, but if you do not work to present a meaningful case in court, your divorce outcome may not have desirable terms.
  • Respond carefully to your ex's attempts at communication or other actions. He or she may intentionally try to bait you into saying or doing something you will regret, and by taking the time to respond and not just react, you may save yourself some difficulties later on.

Again, you may have already found ways to handle your spouse's high-conflict personality, but when it comes to divorce, he or she may become even more difficult. Undoubtedly, you will want to have assistance throughout your case and work with someone willing to advocate for your best interests. Consulting with an experienced Mississippi family law attorney may work to your benefit.

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