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A felony criminal defense does not end if you are convicted

Mississippi residents who have been charged and convicted on felony-level charges may feel that life as they know it is over. They may feel that their prison sentence is secured and there is nothing they can do about it. The truth is, a person's felony criminal defense does not end if one is convicted. What exactly does that mean?

Everyone, no matter what charges they were convicted on, has the right to pursue post-conviction proceedings. In other words, everyone has the right to keep fighting for justice. What exactly can one do? There are a few things. When there is concern that one's constitutional rights may be or may have been violated, it is possible to:

  • Have legal counsel present at sentencing
  • Appeal the conviction
  • Review the competence of their trial attorney

Understanding the basics of alimony can help you financially plan

Alimony, which is sometimes called spousal support, is a type of payment made from one former spouse to another after divorce. However, alimony is not a component in all divorces, so if you are going through divorce, it can be helpful to understand the basics of what alimony is and how an alimony award is determined.

What is alimony?

Mississippi wrongful death: Crash in Hattiesburg leaves 2 dead

Hattiesburg Police along with the Mississippi Highway Patrol are in the process of investigating a car crash that left two people dead and an officer injured. This event reportedly occurred Saturday, Jan. 26. While the cause of the crash is still unknown, if negligence on behalf of the officer contributed to the wreck, the victims' families may pursue compensation for their losses by filing wrongful death claims in civil court.

This event occurred near Edwards Street and U.S. Highway 49 around 6 p.m., according to a news report. A picture of the crash scene shows a police car with heavy front end damage and a sedan with one of its sides crushed in. The driver and passenger of the sedan -- a 66-year-old male and an 80-year-old female -- are said to have died at the scene. A Forrest County Sheriff's deputy was behind the wheel of the police car. He is said to have suffered minor injuries.

How does a contested divorce work?

When ending one's marriage, there is always hope that the process will be quick and civil. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Some couples in Mississippi cannot reach agreeable terms through the negotiations process. Instead, some will end up filing for a contested divorce, which can take some time to sort out.

How does a contested divorce work? It all starts with retaining legal counsel and talking about what one wants out of the divorce process. After that has occurred, one will file an official divorce petition, which then must be served to one's spouse. After the papers have been served, one's spouse has the opportunity to respond to the request for divorce. He or she usually has about 30 days to do that.

Mississippi catastrophic injuries: All about TBI

Traumatic brain injuries can have devastating effects on the injured individual and his or her loved ones. The physical, financial and emotional losses can cause extreme hardship now and in the long term. In Mississippi, compensation may be available to those whose catastrophic injuries, such as TBI, are the result of another person's negligent actions.

Traumatic brain injuries cause numerous individuals in the United States to lose their lives or experience disability every year. In fact, in 2013, 2.8 million emergency room visits were for the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. Thousands of people die from such injuries each year and hundreds of thousands of children, teens and adults suffer injuries that could affect them for the rest of their lives. What is a TBI exactly and what usually causes them?

Felony criminal defense: Facing cocaine-related drug charges?

In the state of Mississippi, cocaine is considered a schedule II controlled substance. That just means that is a highly addictive drug. State and federal law prohibit the use, manufacturing, trafficking and sale of this drug. Those caught with cocaine in their possession may face a number of serious consequences, particularly if they are charged at the felony level. A felony criminal defense can help such individuals ensure their rights are protected throughout the course of their court proceedings.

Wondering what the potential penalties for cocaine-related drug crimes are? Cocaine-related drug crimes are typically broken down into three different categories: possession, sale and trafficking. The severity of the consequences associated with a conviction all depends on the amount of the drug found in a person's possession.

Important tips to protect your business against a lawsuit

In the business world, lawsuits are nearly unavoidable. Business owners could face a wide range of lawsuits, from angry employees or injured clients, to partnership disputes or copyright infringements. 

However, one thing remains the same in any of these lawsuits: the risk to your business. Regardless of the outcome, a lawsuit can have significant impacts on your business' finances and reputation. There are steps business owners can take to protect their business from lawsuits.

Wrongful death claims may be filed following recent crash

Three people lost their lives and several others suffered injuries in a recent crash in Mississippi. This collision occurred in Pearl County on Nov. 22. The family members of the deceased may be entitled to pursue wrongful death claims in order to seek compensation for their losses, and the injured victims may also seek relief through legal means.

According to reports, at approximately 10:30 a.m., the driver of a van traveling in the northbound lanes of Interstate 59 crossed the grassy median into the southbound lanes and struck another car. Three other vehicles were unable to avoid the wreckage and also crashed. Five people suffered injuries in the collision -- their current conditions are unknown. As previously stated, three people died at the scene.

Mississippi contested divorce: Fighting over child custody?

Child custody can be one of the most difficult things for divorcing couples in Mississippi to figure out. Not all parents can agree on a plan that will best serve their children. When a contested divorce involves fighting over child custody, you want someone on your side, helping you achieve the custody arrangement you feel will best serve your family's needs.

When a divorce is contested, for whatever the reason, issues that need to be resolved are generally heard by a judge. The court then gets to decide how those issues are resolved. No one really wants to give up their right to decide how their divorces will pan out, though. How you present your case in court can make all the difference between getting the divorce settlement you want and having to deal with the settlement terms your soon-to-be ex is fighting for.

What can being accused of identity theft in Mississippi lead to?

The stakes can be incredibly high when a person is accused of acquiring another person’s identifying information for illegal purposes.

For one, he or she could face state charges of identity theft. Here in Mississippi, these charges typically fall under the felony level. The crime of identity theft involving the obtaining of the identifying information of another person is generally a felony offense in the state. The main exception is that, if the amount stolen in relation to the offense was less than $250, a court could decide to instead deem the offense a misdemeanor.

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