Safeguarding The Rights Of Parents And Their Children

Without a skilled attorney, parents can face a long road of trying to fight their battle alone and arguing before a family court judge who doesn't know them or their situation. At William C. Walter PLLC, we are proud to represent parents and soon-to-be divorcees in battles to obtain fair custody schedules. Our attorney has a reputation as a leading lawyer for Mississippi parents seeking custody and, together, we will go into the courtroom at full force and safeguard you and your child's relationship.

Fault Versus No-Fault Divorces

Mississippi recognizes two types of divorces in the state. Fault divorce involves allegations of misconduct of one spouse. At-fault grounds in a divorce can include adultery, cruel treatment, a criminal conviction or sentence, and impotence.

No-fault divorces occur when a divorce is filed because of irreconcilable differences. No-fault divorces do not involve misconduct, and neither party can be legally held at fault or blamed for the relationship's demise.

Who Will Be Granted Custody In A Divorce?

There is a common misconception that courts favor mothers in custody cases. However, this is simply not true. Judges must look at a variety of factors to assess what is in the best interests of a child and, sometimes, that means fathers receive primary custody.

Factors the court will consider during custody proceedings include:

  • The relationships the child has with their parents, siblings and other relatives
  • Each parent's ability to provide for the child's basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing
  • Each parent's lifestyles and work schedules
  • Whether there is evidence of abuse, neglect or a history of domestic violence
  • The child's preference, if any

Child custody rights can be one of the most contentious family law issues, and it is critical that you head into the courtroom over-prepared. Our attorney knows what to do to show the judge you are a fit parent and how to strategize for success.

Do Not Back Down; Hire Legal Help

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