Take Back Control After A Felony Conviction

It is critical that you do not lose hope after a felony conviction. At William C. Walter PLLC, we have helped countless clients fight sentences and seek post-conviction relief. You do not have to go through the process alone.

We know what Mississippi judges and parole boards need to be shown to obtain post-conviction relief. Our team will work together to defend your rights. As an Army veteran, our lawyer has a military-inspired work ethic and has the discipline needed to work diligently on your case.

We Can Evaluate Your Post-Conviction Options

Depending on your sentence, you may have a variety of post-conviction relief options at your disposal. It can be a difficult and long road to obtain relief, and our legal team will aggressively fight from start to finish.

With over 20 years of experience and countless hours spent in the courtroom, our lawyer can help you with:

  • Filing a petition for post-conviction relief
  • Preparing parole packages for parole hearings
  • Representing you before the parole board
  • Applying for house arrest
  • Petitioning for a reinstatement of your voting and gun rights

In select felony cases, we may be able to get your conviction overturned and your criminal record expunged. Our seasoned attorney can walk you through your individual options and mitigate the consequences after your conviction.

What Are The Grounds For An Appeal?

To have a successful appeal of the results of a criminal case, you must prove that errors occurred that contributed to an unfair trial. Our legal team can help you to identify mistakes that were made and file an appeal.

You may be able to file an appeal if:

  • Law enforcement violated your constitutional rights.
  • Prosecutors wrongfully admitted evidence.
  • You received ineffective assistance of counsel.
  • Criminal rules of procedure were not followed.

These are just a few of the many ways that prosecutors, judges and juries can compromise a trial and make mistakes.

Together We Will Move Forward. Contact Our Office Today.

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